Facebooking “Renaissance Men”

Today my kids begin a two-day project of making a Facebook page for a famous “Renaissance Man.”

I got this idea from GlennW over at his History Tech blog.

Basically, I created a template (using Glenn’s Guide) for a Facebook page and added various features that Facebook has that line up with things I want my kids to learn.

There is a mix of objective personal information as well as subjective areas for things like friend posts, status updates and the like.

My goal for this assignment is for the kids to learn a little about their “Renaissance Man” as well as think like one. It requires them to take facts from books/websites/etc and insert them into an informal setting, one they can be creative with.

Here’s a link to the template I created. I gave it a password so my students would not be able to edit anything other than the areas I asked them to. If you want to change it in any way, the password to unprotect it is “facebook.”

5 thoughts on “Facebooking “Renaissance Men”

  1. As a former middle school teacher, I think your idea is great! I love your template and will share it as an example of how Social Media can be used with MS kids. Good luck with the project.


    (Thanks also for the quick link back to History Tech!)

  2. hey i love your template! ill be using it for my upcoming orientation camp. how do you un-protect it though?where do i key in facebook?

  3. Hi! Absolutely fabulous idea. Our entire team is using it this year. Thanks for sharing. I have the same question as Maz. I’d like to unprotect it so I can make a couple changes.

  4. Hi Ya’ll,

    I’m glad you’re getting use out of my Facebook template. Depending on what version of Microsoft Office you have, you need to navigate to tools > options > security and input the password there. Hope this helps 🙂

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